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Michael Seidlinger just completed an awesome month of Everyday Genius. Check out work by Sarah Rose Etter, Amber Sparks, Megan Boyle, Matt Bell, Elizabeth Ellen, Richard Chiem … sheesh, the list goes on.

On July 31 we received the last of the Toll Prize chapbook entries. There are some beauties in there! Now the committee has divvied up all the submissions and is reading them blindly. This Sunday, we are going to meet and discuss our selections, then choose a winner, the book that we feel best honors the memory of our great friend, our brilliant poet.

We’re also raising money to keep the series tenable, so now we’re offering ast year’s winning chapbook, What Hank Said on the Bus by Kyle Flak, available for just $5. I love Kyle’s book! It’s fun, funny, and supple. 


Here’s the book’s first poem. Fans of Spencer Madsen take note:


you held my hand all through the new kung fu movie

we were at the mall

and then we were buying popsicles

later we were naked

much later than that you were showing me the pinball machine you keep

in your garage

i felt like we were too old for everything

you kept pulling champagne out of surprising places

i said, “okay. i get it. you’re a fun person.”

but then stuff kept happening

stuff is still happening

Keep the prize alive and read the whole chapbook in your hands. Order a copy here.

At book fairs I ask people if they can identify what the animals are on the cover of Matthew Savoca’s book, I Don’t Know I Said. Pretty much everyone can see the bear, but I’ve never had anyone find the other animal. That’s what I love about this cover drawing (by Craig Griffin)—it really only makes sense when you read the book. Then it becomes one of those things where you can’t NOT see it.

(I’m not posting the cover here because the way computer screens work makes it a lot easier to see the second animal. But you can see it here.)

There is less than one week to submit your manuscript to Publishing Genius’s 2014 reading period. There have been lots of great writers submitting lots of great manuscripts. As of right now, we are only committed to one book in 2015, so I’m looking forward to finding some great works of poetry and fiction in the “slush pile.” 

"Slush pile" is a terrible word and publishers should never use it.

I’m looking forward to finding some great works of poetry and fiction in the Genius File. (Okay, not that either. Or maybe.)

CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR MANUSCRIPT TO PGP. Full-length and chapbooks are welcome! I’m sorry about the $5 fee, but you can read about that here.

In July, you will be able to submit chapbooks for the Chris Toll Prize.


Christy Crutchfield’s novel How to Catch a Coyote is available for pre-order. I drew this family portrait as the frontispiece. (The family in the book doesn’t always have the chipper disposition that my drawing suggests.)

look at this cover, right?
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During the month of May I was given the opportunity to edit Everyday Genius, which is part and parcel of Publishing Genius, What I love about EG is, because of its daily frequency, its commitment to risk as its own reward. What gets published might be ephemeral or profound, but it remains…

Thanks to Brian Foley for putting together one of the best month’s of Everyday Genius EVER — and putting together this roundup of all the amazing work. I recommend setting aside an hour to read all these poems.

Good news — two stories from Everyday Genius made their way onto Wigleaf’s Top 50. Check ‘em out:

Check out the whole list here! There are lots of great writers and journals listed. Thanks to Wigleaf, and the contest editors Erin Fitzgerald and Ben Loory.

SPD Recommends You Can Make Anything Sad by Spencer Madsen

Chris Toll emailed me after he read with what he called professors. He was frustrated.

memo to the universe: poems are NOT words and line breaks. their poems were “about” lightning - if i may toot my own horn for a moment, my poems “are” lightning. i can say no more! when you’re a writer, it is good to be humble and focus on the work.

We are going to announce submissions for the second Chris Toll Prize soon.